Why Do We March?

Women are NOT a demographic!
Women are the majority of all races, religions, sexual identities, abilities, ages, places, and times.
  • We March for Liberty and Justice for ALL
  • We March to Honor our Heritage and Preserve our Future, and
  • We March to Ensure Equality.
We are ALLIES of Women Across the Globe!
  • To Bridge the Gap between Those Who Lack Equal Rights and Those Who Withhold Them.
  • For the Environment…for Immigrants…for the LGBTQIA community…for those in Poverty…for the Homeless…and for the Threatened.  
  • For Safe Homes, Schools, and Communities.
  • For a Healthy Planet.
  • For Truth from our Leaders and Fairness in our Government.
  • To Protect Others from Violence, Oppression, Discrimination, and Marginalization.
  • For the American Ideals of Freedom and Equality for ALL Religions, Races, Sexual Identities, Economic status, and Genders.  
  • For the Equal Rights Amendment…Gun Violence Protection…Minimum Wage Increase…Reproductive Rights…Humane Immigration Policies…Universal Healthcare…Voting Rights…and Economic Fairness.
  • We March against sexism, racism, homophobia, religious discrimination, misuse/abuse of power, sexual abuse, discrimination against immigrants, gun violence, denial of environmental injustice, and lack of respect for human dignity.